Unique patented dispensing
cap and dual cavity bottle

Fully customisable functional time-of-use dispensing caps

Let the user or consumer decide when to mix the two!

Your global partner for the assembly and supply of patented functional caps and bases - either filled with ingredients formulated for you, or filled with ingredients you supply.  These can be either liquid based or dry pre-mixes, depending on your requirements.
Our Vision

International partnerships utilising our technology

Our vision is to work with licenced global partners who will successfully utilise our additive releasing technology in their respective industries in order to expand their product range and profitability. 

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Congratulations to B2P

BOWN10_HR_1_1.pngOur technology was a major part of the winning solution chosen by Popular Science in their Best of What's New Innovation Awards for 2010. Read more about B2P Global (now called MicroQuota) and their use of SJI's technology by clicking here
The SJI additive releasing technology is suitable for any industry application where two ingredients (with one or both being a liquid) need to be administered together but held separately until the consumer or user is ready to mix the two. The cap can hold powder, tablet or liquid.

Why is time-of-use so good?

For the organisation
  • Greater efficacy
  • Cold fill beverage becomes an option
  • Reduction in ingredient costs
  • Keep Vitamin C away from UV
  • More stable ingredients
  • Single pack convenience replaces two part packaging

For the consumer
  • Fresher taste
  • Fresher flavour
  • Consumer assurance of efficacy
  • Dynamic interactive bottle and cap